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Athenica Environmental Services, Inc. (“Athenica”) is an environmental consulting firm that has served the New York Metropolitan area since 1987.     During this time, three goals have guided the firm:

  • • Excellence in the representation of our clients
  • • Professional integrity
  • • Rewarding workplace for our employees


For over twenty years, Athenica has been committed to these goals while providing environmental consulting services to a diverse client base that includes both the public and private sectors.  Initially, the firm provided industrial hygiene services relating to the identification and abatement of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), and building surfaces coated with lead-based paint (LBP).    In our pursuit to better serve our clients, the firm expanded its services to include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA), Phase II ESAs for the evaluation of subsurface conditions, design and oversight of soil and groundwater remediation programs, management of underground storage tank (UST) systems, emergency spill response, indoor air quality studies, and mold abatement.
Successful representation of our clients requires an ability to navigate across a sea of complex local, state and federal regulations.    Our staff of hygienists, environmental scientists, geologists and engineers has significant insight into the regulations and regulatory guidance documents acquired by years of practical, hands-on experience representing our clients.   With such extensive knowledge and experience, our staff acts as a passionate advocate for the interests of our clients.     


Facilitating our ability for successful completion of projects has been our professional integrity.   Athenica enjoys the trust of its clients as well as that of overseeing local, state and federal regulatory agencies.    Our proposals to clients and final work products to regulatory agencies reflect a thoughtful and relentless peer review process to ensure accuracy and precision.   


Athenica understands that the value of its services depends upon the quality of its staff.    For this reason, the firm offers competitive salaries, health benefits, and full tuition reimbursement for relevant course work for its employees.  The firm rewards its employees for obtaining professional accreditations, such as Professional Engineering (P.E.) license or Professional Geologist certification and pays for the employee’s attendance at seminars and conferences.    Regardless of short-term economic conditions, Athenica continuously searches the market for new talent to add to its existing staff of asbestos and lead professionals, industrial hygienists, environmental scientists, geologists, and engineers.

The nature of environmental consulting is demanding, to say the least.   Regulations are numerous and complex, project deadlines are routinely urgent, and workloads are often overwhelming.    To meet these challenges, Athenica views itself as a passionate advocate for each of its clients.    Our staff understands its role as the client’s advocate, and is accustomed to working long days and evenings in the pursuit of bringing our projects to a successful resolution.    

Athenica recognizes and rewards the efforts of its employees and believes in the importance of positive, relaxed, and a caring work environment that a small firm can offer its employees.   The firm has a 401K savings plan and allows for a flexible work schedule for its employees.    Birthdays and accomplishments of employees are routinely celebrated at the office.   Simply put, Athenica wants its staff to have fun while doing great work.